My name is Jeffrey Ovens, I am currently in my fourth year as a Ph. D. student in Chemistry at Simon Fraser University, located in British Columbia, Canada. I recently married my beautiful wife, Louise, and what started as an offer to build us a closet organizer for our new home has lead to a desire to begin a casual woodworking hobby.

In my early to mid teen years, I learned some woodworking and construction basics while building two motor boats as father-son projects with my Dad. Although he took the lead on these projects, I did learn how to use the applicable power tools as well as some of the ideas to go into such projects.

Until recently, I have not shown much more than a passing interest in woodworking, mostly owing to the fact that I simply had no space in which to take up such a hobby having lived only in basements suites or apartments. That situation has now changed, and I have a small amount of free garage space in which to pursue this hobby. Of course, my goals here will tend more toward furniture and small projects rather than watercraft.

Thus, I created this blog to chronicle my journey as I learn the 'woodworking ropes' and to share my experiences with you. I hope you find my stories to be, at the very least, entertaining!

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